Aum Chants May 2013

news1At the end of the March some of the students are already started telling me that we will be out for two months i.e, April and May for holiday. Some were telling they will take break for the month of May. But some students requested me Madam please continue the class because we are here in Ahmedabad for the whole month of May. So we will come to class. I believe them and decided to continue the class in the month of May when the temp is above 44 degree. The old students did not turn off. But to my surprise some new students joined the class with lots of enthusiasm and thats to with 2 to 3 years of training in Odissi.

Suddenly I got a call from Rangan to do a dance on Rabindra sangeet. With the help of my Bengali student I choreographed it and it was a nice program on 19th May. Ahmedabad mirror covered it.

One punjabi girl and one boy from porbaander also came to learn Odissi . So I believe God wants me to teach Odissi in this unbearable heat of Ahmedabad. I really feel glad that God has chosen me to serve for our reach cultural heritage.

  • 8th May 2013- Lec-demo
  • 19th May 2013- Rabindra sangeet in Odissi Dance
  • 20th May 2013 to 31st May 2013- Odissi Dance summer workshop

Articles of the month:

  1. My experience of Lec-demo at school– Suprava Mishra
  2. A feeling of a ParentParent – Poonam Sahu , mother of Prisita Sahu
Aum Chants May 2013

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