Aum Chants July 2017

IMG-20170707-WA0060Yes, it is my Birthday 7/7/2017. When I was a child, my parents were celebrating my birth day with Satyanarayan Puja and inviting relatives and friends. I feel like a celebrity. I remember when somebody gave me gift my joy is always uplifted. I don’t know but the very name birth day gift delighted me.After so many years I am refreshing my childhood memories. My students of Aum arts Dance Academy had arranged a huge get together which is clubbed my birthday and Gurupurnima. Huge Chocolate Cake, Sweets, Smosa and so many snacks. The great thing is that students of all age group for 6 to above 50, some with their parents participated in this celebration. Shreya, the youngest one dressed up in odissi costume. Denisha who is from Czechoslovakia performed Guru Vandana in Odissi and explained about the belly dance. The best part of the celebration is the gifts my students gave me. Flower, pen, perfume, purse, Rasgulla, Peda and so many. I felt their warmth with these gifts. I am writing all these things because dance is nothing but expressing our emotion. I can connect the emotion to a fluid. I am so happy that even if writing this tear came to my eyes. I personally feel that if a Guru is emotionally attached to her students, then there is a flow of knowledge. My journey of 25 years completed in Gujarat teaching and propagating Odissi Dance. In this silver jubilee celebration, I owe to all my students. I am here due to them only. My sincere and heartful thanks to all my students.

Guru Suprava Mishra

Dance Performance 2016-17:

  1. Performed on 16th December 2016 at Aradhya Sanman Award ceremony at H.K.arts college Aahmedabad
  2. Performed at 18th December 2016for Brahmin Gyanti samaroh at Ahmedabad
  3. Perfromed at Kankaria Carnival 2016
  4. Recorded Shriradha Dancedrama for DD Girnar on 5th January 2017.
  5. Students performed at Puri foundation, Gandhinagar on 15th December 2016
  6. Suprava Mishra performed Solo at Jajwalya Mahotsav, Chhatisgadh on 7th Feb 2017.
  7. Aum Academy performed both Odissi and Sambalpuri on 5th Feb 2017 at Sanchar Milan. Ahmedabad for BSNL.
  8. Aum Academy performed on 5th April 2017 At Iscon Temple Ahmedabad.
  9. Suprava Mishra performed Odissi with Aiswarya Warrier, Mohiniattam and Mani Bharatnatyam at Nrutyadoya Festival Vadodara on 22nd April 2017.
  10. Queen’s step well, A celebration of womanhood through water, production premier at Visswacosh , Ahmedabad on 29th April 2017, world dance Day.
  11. Aum academy performed at Shivanand Ashram on 30th April 2017.
  12. Students performed Chaturang at GMDC on 24th May 2017
  13. Suprava and students Performed on Rathayatra bahuda Festival on 2.7.2017

Article of the month:

Workshop on Odissi Dance with Guru Smt Aloka Kanungo

Aum Chants July 2017
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