Aum Chants February 2023

Dear all I am writing this news letter after so many days. I am remembering Dr. S D. Desai Sir who passed away in 13th Dec 2022. My Pranam to the great Soul. He is instrumental starting this news letter.  Without his guidance it may not be possible to start our first Aum chants October 2012 issue. He is the one who always there in the audience on my show. He wrote for our production Shriradha, Rani ni Vav, Mohan se mohan on web site. Last April 29th on the world dance day ,as a jury he declared our team as winner. It is irreparable loss to me. I will miss you sir and your response  this time. 

We all artists always in the process of new things.. So we learn to do our classes, seminars, Performances online. Now this is hybrid mode, Both online and offline. I also thanks to my artist friends who have invited me for some talks and interviews during this period.  I also take the opportunity to extend my thanks to all my students and parents for their support. I also thanks to my Family members, friends, well wishers without whom I am not able to achieve this goal. With the hope all the co-operation in the new year 2023.


Guru Dr. Suprava Mishra

(A) Presentation Lecture Demo:

1. Suprava Mishra presented about Ranki vav at BSNL Ahmedabad on the occasion of international woman’s day on 8thmarch 2022.

2. “Odissi Nrutya me Kishor Chandranand Champu ke Prayog “is presented by    Suprava Mishra  at Shri Jagannath Cultural Academy and research center , Adalaj, Gujarat on 5th January 2023. She is supported on vocal by Guru shri Nimakant Rautray and on mardal Guru Shri Dibakar Parda , both from Bhubaneswar

(B) Performance In 2022:

  1. Dr. Suprava Mishra and her students performed at world famous Modhera Festval 2023 on 21st Jan 2023.
  2. Aum Arts Dance Academy done the recording of Vaishnav jana and jagannath mahima on 13th  February 2022 for Vaishakhi maotshav.
  3.  Aum Arts Dance Academy done performed vaishnav jana on 27th February at Science city. Ahmedabd.
  4. Suprava Mishra  performed a part Of Shriradha At Dental college Ahmedabad  for the International Women’s Day Celebration on 8th March 2022.
  5. 1st April  Students performed at jagannath temple Adlaj for Utkal Divas Celebration.
  6. 2nd April 2022 students of Academy performed at Bhadrakali temple, Ahmedabad.
  7. Students of Academy performed on the Road show Of Prime minister of India.
  8. Student’s Of Academy performed on the 27th Foundation celebration of Aum Arts Dance Academy on 24th April 2022 , online Facebook.
  9. On 29th April Senior students of Academy performed at Lions club , Ahmedabad for World Dance Day Celebration 2022.
  10. On 30th April 2022, Students of academy performed at JCARC Jagannath Temple, For world dance day celebration , Gujrat sangeet Natak Academy.
  11. On 15th May performed at ONGC Ahmedabad.
  12. On 23rd May, Sucharita tripathi, Student of Academy  performed at Guru Debaprasd Das Nrutya  Asar, Bhubaneswar
  13. 5th July 2022 students of Academy performed at JCARAC Jagannath Temple for Rathyatra celebration.
  14. Performed at 13th September at Jodhpur Ras Vilas. With my students.
  15. Performed on 4th October at Karnavati bangiya Parsad , Ahmedabad for Durga Puja celebration.
  16. Aum academy performed at kankaria Carnival on 27th Dec 2022.
  17. Small kids performed at BSNL Ahmedabad on 26th Jan 2023 for republic Day Celebration.
  18. On 26th Janary 2023 for the Saraswati Puja celebration students of academy performed at Puja Mandap , Ghanshyam nagar Odisha Association.
  19. Shreyanshi Nayak and Arpita Khatai performed at kalamahakumbh 2022 and secured first and second position.

( C)  Articles of the month:

Jodhpur Diary – A memorable trip

In the middle age, when most people are in the mid of attaining expertise in something, I give DANCE a start! Sounds interesting, right? For me, it is nothing lesss than a motivational event of my life. I can never forget the first time I hit the stage under the nale guidance of my Guru Dr. suprava Misra Mam.

My  baby steps into Odishi dance.. my first breakthrough.. I have been extremely lucky to get an opportunity to participate in ‘Rasa Vilas, Jodhpur- An International Indian Classical Dance & Music Festival.’

My Guru Dr Suprava Misra Mam helped us sail through the challenge seamlessly , hasslefree. 

We the disciples, alongside our Guru Suprava ji, performed Shritakamala. The younger disciples were trained to perform ‘Kotha bhogo khiya’ and ‘To laagi gopa dando’. 

Special mention about Suprava Mam’s mesmerizing performance of ‘Navras’, a depiction of the 9 human emotions, which left the audience spellbound! 

“A journey well shared is a journey well enjoyed”

The next day, Suprava Mam led her team to visit some historical places of Jodhpur, viz the Mehrangarh Gort, Umaid Bhavan Palace, Mandore Garden. 

We as a team, captured those moments of fun n frolic in our selfies n in our memory, forever. 

The to n fro trip to Jodhpur was a different fun altogether! We rocked! .. Giving each other a perfect COVER UP!

Kudos to our Guru Suprava Mam for keeping our spirits high, always. 

How’s the josh?? 

High Mam!!

Meghna Mishra is a student of odissi dance, energetic, enthusiastic, by profession a banker.

Mohan se Mohan, An Odissi Dance Drama

At this juncture our production speaks about two great personalities Krishna and Gandhi. Krishna, in his right hand, held the Sudarshan Chakra, which is as much a symbol of continuity and auspiciousness, as it is a weapon with lethal powers that was used against Shishupal. Gandhi moved with his right hand the chakra of his Charkha (Spinning Wheel) spinning cotton thread to empower and to provide sustenance to millions. Shri Dinkar Joshi was inspired to write his book Chakra-thi Charkha Sudhi with Ram Manohar Lohia’s cryptic observation on Gandhi’s death. The line in Hindi (aaj Yamuna ne Dwarika ka run chukaaya) can be translated as ‘The Yamuna paid off its debt to Dwarika today.’ Krishna took birth near Yamuna river and his earthly departure near Dwarka. On the contrary Gandhi took birth at Porbander near Dwarika and his death occurred at Delhi near the river Yamuna. The book, in turn, motivated me to produce Odissi dance drama Mohan-thi Mohan Sudhi in Gujarati and then “Mohan se Mohan” in Hindi.

There is as much divergence as convergence in their ways to work for social good. One enjoys mythical eminence in the way of life we follow as a tradition and the other demonstrated how a man with a fragile body could fearlessly uphold universal values without adding divine dimensions to his contour and challenge a mighty power.

This one on Lord Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi giving glimpses of the parallels in their lives, as reflected in their philosophy and action, coinciding with a convergence of values, proved quite engaging in its attempt to make an appeal to the mind rather than just the heart. The theme has a reference to the age-old tradition of the land and at the same time to contemporary life.

If you start with the name of equality, then the two Mohans, one -Mohan worshiped as a God and the other revered as Mohandas. In the war for welfare, Krishna defeated the unrighteous people; whereas by adopting satyagraha and non-violence, Gandhi freed the country from the British Empire. One is of a state of intense politics, another is symbol of simplicity. One is Makhan chor, the other is a Satyagrahi. If peace is not resolved, then by turning the Sudarshan Chakra, Krishna wins the War. Gandhi, on the other hand, used to fast as protest and brought revolution of Swavalamban using the Charkha.

This production seeks to draw an interesting parallel between the lives of Shri Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi. Two symbolic characters, Chakra and Charkha is taken to depict these characters. The Sutradhar co-ordinates and presents dance on the song beautifully written By Kavi Tushar Shukla., which is analytical as well as philosophical. Short enactment of scenes of topical interest keeps intervening in the narrative and dance sequence. Triumph of ‘dharma’ and defeat of ‘dushkrita’ was the purpose of Krishna’s birth. A relentless search for truth and freedom motivated Gandhi’s life. These ultimate goals of human existence remained elusive despite their pursuit undertaken by the best divine and human incarnations.

Dr.Suprava  Mishra  is an Odissi dancer writer learned under Guru Shri Harihar Mohanty and Guru Shri Sudhakar Sahu. She is the reciepient of Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar by Gujrat Sangeet Natak Academy and Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Puraskar by Honble president of India Shri Pranav Mukharjee.

Aum Chants February 2023
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