Odissi Nrutya aur Bharatiya Sanskruti

sm_0The book ‘Odissi Nrutya aur Bharatiya Sanskruti‘ by eminent Odissi dancer SupravaMishra in Hindi is a book which rarely seen. It is the second book of the author in Hindi on Odissi Dance. Her first book ‘Bharatiya Nrutya’ is widly praised by Dance lover and critics in all over the world. Here the author who is an accomplishedOdissi Dancer describes the intricacies of Odissi Dance with relation to Indian culture.

In the first part of the book the chapters like Bharatiya Sangeet, Dance and Spirituality, Temples of India and dance, Religion and Dance, Indian Theater, Esthetics and Dance, The relation of different art form with dance, Guru-SishyaTradition in Indian Culture, The emerging of modern dance from Indian Classical Dance, Important Folk Dances of India.
Second part is about The Dance tradition in Odisha in Jain Yuga and Baudha Yuga , The evolution to present dayOdissi from Kharavela Yuga, The evolution of modern dance from ballete dance, Natraj in Odisha Sculpture, BandhaNrutya, Description of different traditional songs of Odisha, Live of Kabichandra Kalicharan– the father of OdissiDance., Different folk Dances of Odisha , A brief review of ‘Kishor Chandrananda Champu’ of Kabisurya Baladev Ratha, Review of Kalidas’s ‘Abhigyan Sakuntalam’ .
Third part is about the practical aspect of Odissi Dance. Chapters are Ashtasmbhu, Nabarasa, Dasabatara, Geetagobinda, Karana , Angahar, Beli, Mahari, Different parts of Odissi Dance like Mangalacharan, Batu, Pallavi, Abhinayaand Mokhya are included with their notation. In mangalacharan Ganesh Stuti, Ganesh Tandav, NarayanaStuti,Shivastaka, ShivaTandava, Panchatatwa Stuti, Harihara Sabda, Mahakali Stuti etc are included. Notation of different Pallavi like Kalavati, Kalyan, Vasant, Mohana, Saveri, Hansadhwani are included. Abhinaya in Debanagariscript with meaning in Hindi is included.
The attracted color photos of Mukteshwar temple and Konark temple are well depicted in the book. The photos of different moods(Rasa) along with photographs of Mangalacharana, Pallavi, Batu, Ahinaya and Mokhya are included in the book. The book also contains photographs of Geeta Govinda, Raja Parba and Garba as well as performance photos with accompanists.
Odissi is a very soft and tender Dance which you will experience by going through this book.
Publication Info:
Book price: Rs.1500/-
Published year: 2012
Pages: 176
Color Illustration: 34
B/W Illustration: 28
Hard bounding Size: 22 x 30 cm
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