Aum- Chants May 2014

News_MayI don’t know what it is . You can call it destiny. I really need a break after the last program at Rajkot on 19th March. So many students proceeds for vacation. Some new students come. I was in a bit relax mood. Suddenly AhmedabadDoordarshan production executive called me and told me is it possible to fix the recording date on 25thMay. Vaishnav Jana to tene re Kahiye production we had planned it much before. But on the heat wave of Ahmedabad we have to do it. Great work by my students and their parents. Thanks to all my students and specially the little one.

Suprava Mishra, Founder Director Aum arts Dance Academy


Raygarh and Jabalpur dance experience


We had wondrous experience during the visit of Rayagarh (Chhattishgarh ) andJabalpur (Madhypradesh) . Among many of my tours, being a dance tour this wassomething special. Suprva madam, Dipak Sir, Sibaliand I traveled around thirty hours by train and yet were not tiered.  On 9th March, around 3.00 a.m. we reached at Rayagarh. We received a great hospitality. Our performance was scheduled in the evening. It was the occasion of Rural Festival organized by the Chhattishgarh Government in collaboration with the Jindal  Industries.  Lots  of  questions  were  hovering  around  about  the  new audience, new place and the new state. At the end performances were excellent,it was appreciated by everyone. Starting from the organizers to the people who came from far villages enjoyed our dance. We gave three performances in two days, yet we were ready to start our next journey to Jabalpur.   In Jabalpur, the occasion was International Hindi Literature Conference. That was a gathering of renowned Hindi writers, so now there was fear in the mind. They knew each and every line of the poem on which we were going to perform. We performed there ‘Baishnava Jana to tene re kahiye re’ and Madam performed on ‘Kalidash  compositions’.  The  performances  were  the  best  among  all  other performances. Now also I can visualize the scene when Madam was playing the character of Sita and I was standing by her side as Laxman. Madam’s act was so lively that for a while I presume myself as Laxman, leaving Mata Sita behind and soon I started crying on the stage. After the performances all of a sudden we turned into star performer. Everyone came to us greeted us and took photograph with us. One of the writers, Dr. Drumila Madam came to me and said that when I was entering the stage in the character of Rama, she envisioned me as the real Rama walking  into  the  stage.  Perhaps  that  was  the  line  which  injected  new energy into me and made the tiresome journey of four days into a memorable and unforgettable experience.Lastly, I would like to thank LordJagannath that I can dance Odishi dance and for I met with Suprava Madam, who always been very kind to me and given me so many opportunities.  Thank You Madam …………


Satyapriya Panigrahi

Aum- Chants May 2014

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